Should I use bleach to spray mold found in my home or business Lewiston & Clarkston?

We receive calls often asking about mold and how to handle it when it’s found inside a house or a business. The problem is, we are usually not the first ones they get advice from. I don’t know... Read More »

How to hire the best cleaner in Lewiston Id 83501

For the 5th year in a row Osborne's Cleaning and Restoration has been voted as the "Best In The West" for carpet cleaning. The photo shows what we can do with a heavily soiled carpet. The darker... Read More »

Not All Restoration Companies Are The Same by Osborne's Cleaning & Restoration

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Lewiston, ID

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Remove Carpet Stains Without Damaging The Carpet

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Avoiding Damage From A Broken Faucet

A Basement Full Of Water Is Not A Fun Surprise!   It happens every year, the sun starts to shine a little longer each day and the temperature starts to rise. You head outside to wash off the deck,... Read More »

When To Stretch?

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Buying rugs (by

This article was written by Lis Rug dealers as a “group” get a bad rap. Everyone has heard a story, or seen an exposé, on someone being ripped off on a rug purchase. They were sold... Read More »

Best Carpet Cleaner in Lewiston, ID

OSBORNE'S CLEANING & RESTORATION provides carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning services in Lewiston, ID. Our services include: Carpet cleaning... Read More »