Avoiding Damage From A Broken Faucet


A Basement Full Of Water Is Not A Fun Surprise!


It happens every year, the sun starts to shine a little longer each day and the temperature starts to rise. You head outside to wash off the deck, patio, or driveway all the while you are flooding your basement. If you left the hose on the outside faucet through the winter, this could happen to you. Every spring we get these kind of calls to our office after the flooding has occured. Frost free faucets work by shutting off the water 10"-12" inside the house. When you leave the hose on the faucet it cannot drain properly and the water left inside them can split the pipe inside the wall. The split wont leak until you turn the faucet on and use it.

There is a quick way to check and make sure your faucet is working properly. Connect your hose to the faucet (if it's not already) and put a nozzle on the end to stop the water from flowing. Turn on the faucet and listen if the water is running. If it is, shut off the faucet immediately and check inside your house for signs of a water leak. If there is a leak you will need to call a plumber to have the faucet replaced. If you find the leak soon enough you shouldn't need professional drying, but there will probably be a drywall repair since the plumber will have to get inside a wall or ceiling to replace the faucet.


What If My Basement Is Full Of Water?


There are a variety of ways to have an emergency from water in your house. From supply lines to sinks, broken water heaters, overflowing toilets....and the list goes on. If you need immediate assistance Call Osborne's 24/7 at 208-743-9664. We are available in Lewiston, Clakston, Moscow, Pullman, and surrounding areas.

Keep these four steps in mind if you experience an emergency water loss.




1. AVOID HAZARDS! Be extremely careful of the deadly combination of water and electricity. Also, be cautious of slippery wet carpets and floors. Stay away from Raw Sewage backups, which contain nasty bacteria and can be harmful to your health.

2. STOP THE SOURCE! If you haven’t located the source of the water call us immediately and we will guide you through this (it is very crucial to know what to do). You need to know where the main water shut off to your house is located!

3. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION by calling Osborne's Cleaning & Restoration Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will always be answered by friendly staff. No answering machines here! Our dispatchers will have a water damage expert contact you immediately. Call us now! After you call we’re on our way…

4. REMOVE FURNTIURE! Wood furniture will cause stains which cannot be removed. Rust stains from metal are difficult to remove and may be permanent. 95% of water damage jobs are restorable, and most of the 5% which aren’t restored, are caused by not doing this. So move furniture that’s even near water or place something under the legs.