How to hire the best cleaner in Lewiston Id 83501


For the 5th year in a row Osborne's Cleaning and Restoration has been voted as the "Best In The West" for carpet cleaning. The photo shows what we can do with a heavily soiled carpet. The darker spot in the upper middle is where a chair sets and the person rubs the carpet with their feet. It was cleaned one more time to remove as much of the shadowing as possible. You can also see the condition of the carpet before it was cleaned and the difference after cleaning. 

The homeowner had tried a different cleaning company the previous time and was not happy with the "Dry" method of cleaning. There are several different methods that claim to be "Dry", but all methods of carpet cleaning use water in on way or another. The difference is in how much water is used and how much is removed. 

Think about washing your hair and trying to vacuum out the shampoo or using very little water to remove it. Your hair would have shampoo residue in it that would attrack more dirt and leave it "crunchy". Just as your hair needs a thorough flushing with water to remove the shampoo, so does your carpet. Check the website of most manufactures of carpet and you will find they recommend "Hot Water Extraction" or as most people call it "Steam Cleaning". Be careful because there is also a big difference in companies that use the Hot Water Extraction method. 

Osborne's prides itself on "The Most Thorough Cleaning Of It's Free" guarantee. Not only that but we make sure to remove the "Soap" residue, so your carpet will stay clean longer. 

For new clients of Osborne's we offer "One Free Room Of Cleaning", up to 150 square feet of cleaning. Absolutely 100% free, so you can try us out to see how great your carpet will look.