As Summer Is Slipping By
Don’t Let This Happen To You…


Hello friend!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer, filled with lots of sun, family time, and relaxation.  But I also hope you don’t let the long summer days slip by without giving me a call.  Before you know it, long summer days will turn into brisk fall mornings and the kids will start getting ready to go back to school.  Then suddenly you’ll look down and …


“Uh-Oh….Are those traffic lanes?”


“Traffic Lanes” can appear with or without a shadowy hint of grime and dirt that begins to create certain wear patterns in your once beautiful, fluffy carpets.  When traffic lanes or wear patterns appear, your delicate carpet fibers start becoming vulnerable to break down and fray.  And, if you don’t call me right away …those lanes could become (gulp!) permanent. 


So Don’t Let Your Carpets Age In “Dog Years”!


Just like our furry friends age in dog years and unfortunately are middle aged by the time they are five or seven – a carpet that isn’t cleaned on a regular schedule can age similarly.  I’ve seen 10-year-old carpets that still look like new and 3-year-old carpets that looked like they were 20 years old.  The key to a “young” looking carpet is cleaning and maintenance.  One more thing…


“How Does $30 Cash Sound To You?”


That’s $30 cash you can put towards having a little more fun before summer is truly over.  And that’s exactly what you’ll save if you go ahead and call me today.  Remember – clean before traffic lanes appear to prevent premature carpet aging and extend the beauty and life of your investment.  Just call me/text or email and ask for the “Endless Summer Special!”  Then you’ll save your carpets and some money. 

Text Box: Your Endless Summer Special!

Keep Your Carpets Looking Young & Fresh!
Call or Email Osborne’s Cleaning & Restoration at 208-743-9664 or osbornes@cableone.net 
Contact me before August 31, 2013 and 
SAVE $30 Cash Off Your Cleaning!
Clients ONLY:  
Get $50 worth of Carpet Protection for Just $30!
Offer ends August 31, 2013 so Call Now!
*Not valid with other offers. $100 Minimum charge applies.



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Text Box: Do you know someone who has kids starting back to school soon? If they have never used me, I will give them a FREE room of carpet cleaning in your name!  Thanks!
P.S.  I pay you $20 for referrals...so thanks in advance!















“Always Clean”


Wouldn’t it be nice to have carpet that was always clean? When you stop and think about all that we track into our homes on a daily basis, we probably wouldn’t be so comfortable lying on it. After we wear our clothes, they get put into the laundry and washed before we wear them the next time. Not our carpeting, we run a vacuum over it and of course that helps, but just how clean is it? Would you wear your clothes day after day, only vacuuming them off and washing them once a year?

Well we can help you with that! With the Always Clean program your carpet will be clean and healthy, getting the attention it needs every six months. The annual cleaning is at regular price (minus any specials) and the six month cleaning is “half-off”. You no longer need to worry about having clean carpets, we will put you on the schedule for every six months and call ahead to tell you we are on the way.


Just think about all the crawlin’ critters and crud we bring into our homes: Asphalt, Bacteria, Car Exhaust, Chemicals, Dirt, Food Particles, Fungus, Germs, Grease, Lint, Mud, Pet Stains, Pollens, Sand, Smoke, Soot, and Tar-just to name a few. 

Plus don’t forget the living creatures, such as Dust Mites, Fleas, and critters that live, hide, and breed in your carpet.


Clean Carpets Last Longer!

Contrary to beliefs, cleaning your carpet more often does not wear it out. Actually it will extend the life of the carpet, protecting your huge investment. Regular vacuuming is a key part of carpets lasting longer, but no matter what vacuum you have there are still particles of sand and grit that accumulate deep in your carpet. When we are walking around on our carpeting, the sand and grit are scratching and abrasive to the carpet fibers, wearing them out.


Our deep cleaning process removes those harmful abrasives, along with all the other nasty elements listed above. So cleaning your carpet will greatly extend is life.


If it’s been six months or less you can get your next cleaning at half price if you start on the Always Clean Program, just call the office and we will be glad to help you out. If you would like to start with Always Clean after your next scheduled carpet cleaning, just let us know and we can set up the details.


Osborne’s Cleaning & Restoration